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September 23, 2015

 I first experienced the crystal bed and It was an amazing energy. I have some sensation with a few of my chakras and felt the energy in the 3rd eye, crown and sacral. It felt wonderful and I just wanted more. Each time has been different for me. 

The bonus was in meeting Melanie.  If you don't get a chance to do the bed, you must meet this amazing lady. She is so full of loving energy that you are just surrounded by it when you are near her.  She makes you feel at ease and she was bang on with her assessment of my situation and guided me through various issues in my life .
She helped me a lot with distant energy healing , helping me with improving my relations with my dad.

I definitely recommend you try the bed and meet Melanie.  I walk away each time feeling rejuvenated and full of love.
K.S - Markham

June 12, 2014  

Melanie Roach

Markham, ON   L3R 0W9

Dear Melanie:

I wanted to take a minute and write to thank you for all the amazing energy work you have been doing for me personally and professionally.

From a professional perspective, working in a senior’s home there is a lot of energies that choose not to move on or may want to stick around.  Once you came in and cleared the three apartments there was a definite difference in the “heaviness” of those suites.   Since you have done your work and cleared the energy we have had several more viewings and several people interested in purchasing.

Personally I wanted to thank you for working “long distance” on my husband who is medically disabled.   I didn’t tell him you were doing anything and the last 3 days he was able to get out of bed, with a few aches and pains, but nothing that he usually feels.  He was able to do some light lawn work and generally just felt so much better than he normally does.  For me personally thank you for the peace you have helped settle in my soul.  That may sound “artsy fartsy” but with the responsibilities of running a seniors home, a disabled husband and children still at home, peace in my soul is something I need more than anything.

The breathing techniques you gave me and the thoughts of projecting the highest frequency of love, light-heartedness, grace and joy are new mantras that I say daily, especially when I feel stressed.

I would strongly recommend you for any work in this area and feel you have a true gift of connecting with spirit and understanding how true energy works.

Thank you again for everything!

Donna MacMillan

Property Manager

Milton, Ontario


June 12, 2014

I have known Melanie Roach since February 2010.  In that period of

time I have come to know and be blessed by her interventions of

spiritual cleansing and intuitive healing.  Mel has a true gift for

sensing what is needed.  For me that has involved not only hands on

and remote sessions but also guidance on specific meditations and

breathing techniques that have helped me immensely.  Mel is always

compassionate and available for feed back.  I highly recommend Mel's

services to anyone who is on a spiritual evolutionary path.  

Lisa Jacenich, owner of Artful Gifts, Virginia, United States

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June 23, 2014 - This testimonial is from my Step-daughter in law

I have never been a morning person and even after years of waking up early for work, I still couldn’t shake off my grogginess, 

no matter how early I went to sleep the night before.   In mid April, 2014 I then began to notice that my cat 

would stare at the same corner for a while and you would not be able to move her attention away from that area.  

She had also become quite hostile towards my husband and me.  I had become quite concerned with all of this, 

especially since I had just found out that I was pregnant.   On Wednesday May 7, 2014 Melanie came to my home 

and performed a smudging ritual in hopes to remove any negative energy surrounding my cat, my house and myself.  

She was very professional and was sure to explain everything before she started as well as while she went through the house.  

Afterwards, she worked on me for a bit, being mindful of the growing fetus inside of me.  I was skeptical at first, but as she 

was working, even though she wasn’t touching me, I could feel a tingling sensation throughout my body.  In the next couple 

of days, I found waking up each morning getting easier and easier, and my cat was back to normal again -- it was truly amazing!  

And if that wasn’t enough, I became violently ill with some sort of “stomach virus” over the weekend that followed.  

I was hospitalized and terribly worried that something would be wrong with my baby.  I was relieved to find that my baby is 

perfectly unharmed and healthy.  I truly feel that the work Melanie did on me rid me of that negative energy and that my illness 

was it leaving my body.  I also feel that her work protected my baby from harm and am truly thankful for that.  I will definitely 

be having her back in my home soon!

-Kathryn Srenk, Markham ON

June 25, 2014

I have known Melanie since we were teenagers going back over 30 years now, when

she lived in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

When Melanie first told me in 2008 that she was studying Energy Healing I didn't understand and was quite skeptical

in what she was doing.  

I started sharing with Melanie in 2012 my experience at night time how I felt I was under attack and that this was

going on for over 25 years.  Melanie offered to do some energy work on me and she gave me tools to use for protection.  

With the energy work she did on me and following Melanie's direction, I have not had a single problem at night time  

for 2 years to this date.

Another experience with Melanie, I was talking with her and telling her the accident I had at the hospital this 

year 2014 in falling.  Melanie ask for my permission to do some work as I was talking I didn't realize she was 

doing long distance healing on me.  Melanie interrupted me and asked how I felt now, I realized my neck stopped hurting.

In June/14 Melanie has helped me move the negativity out with getting my new job and to release the past of all its lessons and I am happy

to say I will be starting my new job within 2 week.

My experiences with Melanie words can not express the positive energy that flows through her.  Melanie is truly gifted, warm and compassionate

and helps me see things in a different light of Love.  My scepticism of the Energy Healing that Melanie works with has made me 

a believer and has opened me up to the pure possibilities.  

I highly recommend Melanie to those who have had enough and looking for a change in there life.  


RMT Nurse

New Brunswick 

August - 2014

Melanie Roach assisted us with the sale of our house.

Melanie did a spiritual intervention on several occassions.  She would

check in with us to see how things were going. She gave us many words

of encouragement and comfort and spent many hours working on our

behalf. Melanie has been supportive throughout the entire process.

She found several problems, both with the parties involved and also

with the house.  These problems became apparent to us as time went on.

In addition, there is the threat of a gas pipeline being installed in

Highland County, Virginia which could have a negative impact on home

sales. In spite of the difficulties with the house we successfully

closed on the sale just over three months from the date it went on the

market. Typically it takes several years to sell a house in Highland

County. We believe Melanie's work had a positive effect on our

transaction. We highly recommend Melanie's services.

Lisa & Jim - Virginia

Today's experience on the Crystal Bed was nothing but spinning energy. I felt completely energized and fully charged. I felt like everything about me -- soul, mind, emotions, and body -- was pure energy.

Rumi Da‎  - John of God Crystal Bed (long distance session)

I am still tingling from the chakra tune up this afternoon. Very good remote session.
See in cyberspace, eh?

Rumi Da